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Effective Ways to Combat Cellulite at the Ease of Your Home

Accumulation of fat cells in body parts such as thighs, stomach, buttocks and arms cause dimpling effects on the skin and this is called cellulite deposition. It is no doubt one of the most unpleasant issues that mostly women face. The main culprits behind cellulite formation are higher estrogen level and water retention.

When estrogen is the main cause of cellulite, things like sedentary lifestyle, overweightness, constipation, smoking, alcoholism and stress can further stimulate cellulite production. Hence, to prevent cellulite or get rid of it completely, one needs to indulge in regular physical activities in combination with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

However, there are certain other ways that help in combating cellulite efficiently. What are these? Let us check out below –

  • Cellulite Massage Therapy

Cellulite massage therapy includes massaging of the affected areas like thighs, buttocks and hips.Proper and regular massages help in stimulating the blood and lymphatic circulation of our body which then breaks up the fat cells deposited and combat water retention efficiently. Usually, people prefer professional massages but that can be a costly affair when done regularly. Also, it might take up a whole lot of time from your daily life.

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